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Women’s custom hair pieces and wigs

It was alarming to discover that 40% of American hair loss sufferers are women. Luckily, women’s hair loss advancements and solutions have grown tremendously over the recent years and quality hair pieces and wigs for women are available for all types of women’s hair loss situations.
At G-SQUARED Hair Studio we have partnered with Bergmann, a leader in the hair loss industry that began in 1870, known for their high quality hair pieces and wigs. With a recent and growing market in the United States we are excited to work with them.
New technology around the way that hair pieces and wigs are made today joined by high quality human hair delivers results that are amazing. Women can now feel confident and secure when wearing any of the hair pieces or wigs we can fit them with.
In our salon, we offer a host of hair loss solutions ranging from full human hair wigs to custom integration systems for top of the head coverage and partials that cover a thinning part or other area.
As always a consultation is a great way to start so that one can have the opportunity to explore all possibilities. For a free and private consultation give us a call at 415 861 4247.


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