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Spring hair color trends

I know Santa just finished his rounds and hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It’s lots of work but lots of fun.

As we look forward into spring those of us in the hair industry get excited about trends for hair color  and what those trends look like and of course our twist and take on them. Here at G-Squared a Soma Hair Studio we pride ouselves on being advanced San Francisco colorist. We have been awarded “Best Hair Colorist San Francisco” among other awards.woman_269x410

For spring hair color has many faces. One in particular is called Sombre which basically means a softer Ombre. While the ends are still lighter the blend from dark to light is softer                                                                 and not as stark. Here at Our San Francisco Salon we take it one step further and create an even softer look by adding tone in the lighter section in order to give an even more blended look. We also discuss color palettes with each client so your look will be personalized. Not all hair is the same and must be individually addressed.

As San Francisco colorist, we always welcomed consultations to better understand what each client is looking for. We can be reached at 415 861 4247. Happy New Year!!!!!





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